What They’re Like Now That These Celebrities’ Kids Are All Grown Up

Before the global pandemic, we used to live in the days when all that mattered were the flashy Hollywood life that all we sometimes see and care about are what happened to our favorite Hollywood stars and their life. But a little old norm now might just actually lighten things up as we present to you some of the celebrities’ kids and look into their lives now that they’re all grown up.

Ella Travolta

John Travolta’s career has been on its silver screen for four decades. With his acting, Dancing, and singing talents, this man has been unstoppable. John Travolta, a stage actor, worked as an entertainer for California TV in the 1970s. He and his wife, who have never had scandals in life, have a son and a daughter. He has a flight license and even owns a Boeing 707.

However, off-screen not many see what a dear father he is to his lovely daughter, Ella, whom he raises with his wife, Kelly Preston. Ella followed in her father’s footsteps and earned her first film credit in Old Dogs. Later, she landed the role of Angel Gotti in The Life and Death of John Gotti, where both of her parents also co-starred. She also featured in The Poison Rose in 2019, and a number of TV Shows that year.