The Beautiful Female Tv And Movie Personalities Who Took Over The ’70s, ’80s, And ’90s

These women have hit the jackpot at the gene pool lottery and continue to make our hearts flutter whenever they appear in either TV shows or blockbuster movies looking like goddesses with amazing acting prowess. They may be past the peak of their younger years, but let’s take a look at these celebrities who have proven time and time again that their good looks are invincible to the rather notoriously aging effects of time. Read on to find out what their secrets are behind their timeless beauty–whether it be diet fads, plastic surgery, dental implants, skincare investments, and so on.

Victoria Principal – 70 Years Old

Born on January 3, 1950, in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, Victoria’s Principal are an American actress, producer, entrepreneur, and writer. She became popular for her portrayal of Cliff Barnes’ sister Pamela Barnes Ewing on the beloved soap opera Dallas. When the actress’s time on the series was over, she continued to earn acting credits in other films and TV programs. She founded her own production company, Victoria Principal Productions.

With looks like hers, she cares a lot about her looks and her skin, so it only seems fitting that she still looks amazing. She was able to publish three books on the topic and start her own brand of skincare goods named Principal Secret, probably with no need for a business loan. The principal is a proud advocate of animal rights and manages a rescue shelter for hurt animals.