What They’re Like Now That These Celebrities’ Kids Are All Grown Up

Elijah Blue Allman

Just like the life of some celebrity children, Elijah Blue Allman, together with his brother Chaz Bono, have been living under the shadows of their famous mother, the singer and actress Cher. Despite that, both of his parents are always supportive of his endeavors and career path as a singer and musician. As a youngster, he was already fully aware of both the exciting and destructive side of the music which he partook in while growing and eventually learned from the best and worst experiences that comes with it.

Elijah formed his own band called Deadsy in 1995 and had the stage name P. Elijah Blue, which he is still known for. He continues to make music despite the many controversies he has faced starting from his childhood and several hurdles he encountered throughout his music career. Earlier last year, he announced that he will be making a comeback to the music scene in 2021 and we can only wait for the release of his album later this year.