30 Of The Most Haunted Travel Destinations In The World

If you’re getting bored of beaches or want something more thrilling than romantic getaways, then give one of the destinations on our list a try. We’ve put together some of the most haunted places you can visit around the world. From stories of possessions, restless spirits, and poltergeist hauntings—these places are guaranteed to give you some very unforgettable memories.

There’s also plenty of history to learn when it comes to these destinations— just keep an open mind during your visit. A word of advice? Make sure you don’t forget to get travel insurance for your trip! Let’s dive in.

Villisca Axe Murder House | Villisca, Iowa

Six members of the Moore family and two of their house guests lost their lives in this nondescript house in Villisca, Iowa. The mystery of their passing has since turned into a popular legend, but the crime remains unsolved. Perhaps it’s these unanswered questions that make the Villisca Axe Murder house popular among those looking for a unique travel destination.

Much of the house’s original appearance has been preserved. Visitors will find no electricity or running water here, so the $400 price tag on an overnight stay might seem excessive to some. Just remember, you’re paying for the experience—not the amenities.

The Sallie House | Atchison, Kansas

How scary can a little girl be? Well, ask the people who have lived in the infamous Sallie House. Located in a residential street in Atchison, Kansa the house has been featured in numerous shows such as Ghost Adventures and Buzzfeed Unsolved. It has sat vacant for years and according to stories, the “little girl” who haunts it passed away due to a botched appendectomy.

A family lived in it during the ‘90s but were forced out of their home due to the paranormal activity surrounding it. The Sallie House is open to tourists if you’re willing to spend a night under its roofing.

 LaLaurie House | New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is filled with beautiful architecture and not least of which the LaLaurie house, once featured in American Horror Story: Coven. This infamous French Quarter haunt was the former home of a serial killer, Madame Delphine LaLaurie. Also known as Madame Blanque, she escaped to France with her family after her crimes were exposed.

Reports of cries and screams are said to be heard by passersby coming from within the property—even to this day. Actor Nicolas Cage used to own the home but was unable to maintain the mortgage on it. The house is currently part of New Orleans’ Ghost City Tours.

Bell Witch Farm | Adams, Tennessee

Some grudges can last until the afterlife and this is reportedly the reason for the famed Bell Witch hauntings. It began with Kate Batts who believed she was cheated by her neighbor, John Bell Sr., out of some land. Batts swore that she would make him miserable, even after her passing. If only they settled the matter with a lawyer, right?

The haunting has gained notoriety for being one of the most documented in history, with numerous books published about it. Brave visitors can tour the cave located within the property, stay in the reconstructed cabin, or simply enjoy the annual Bell Witch Festival.

House of Death | Fifth Avenue, New York

One ghost is bad enough, but a staggering 22 of them haunting a single place? We might have to pass on this one. Located off of Fifth Avenue, this unassuming brownstone is very typical of the area, save for its secrets. It is said that writer Mark Twain, who resided in the building from 1900 to 1901, can sometimes be seen moving about its halls.

Aside from Twain, other specters include that of a lady in white, a little girl, and a gray cat. With all the otherworldly residents associated with it, we wonder how much the insurance for this 1856 property costs.

Lizzie Borden House | Fall River, Massachusetts

Today, it operates as a bed and breakfast and is currently under new ownership. The change did little to better its sinister reputation, however. Lizzie Borden may have been acquitted of the terrible crime she was being accused of, but it has forever tainted the home their family used to live in. Lizzie Borden has turned into an urban legend that draws in thrill-seeking visitors from around the globe.

According to paranormal investigators, the haunting in this home continues to be incredibly active. So if you’re looking for a unique experience, this one’s worth every penny of your gas money.

Winchester Mystery House | San Jose, California

This next curiosity will leave you in awe before it delivers the chills. Located in San Jose, California this architectural wonder comprises 160 rooms. There are also staircases that disappear into the floor, twisting hallways, and doors that will lead you to a two-story fall if you’re not careful.

This bizarre design was the work of Sarah Winchester—heiress to the Winchester Repeating Arms Company aka the “gun that won the west.” Fearful of being haunted by those killed with it, she built and built to either appease or confuse the spirits. The homeowner’s insurance on this must have been quite significant!

Joshua Ward House | Salem, Massachusetts

The Salem Witch Trials was one of the darkest moments in known history. Not only did it leave a stain on Massachusetts, but it is said to have also opened the door for numerous hauntings spread across the city of Salem. Among these places is the Joshua Ward House.

It was home to Sheriff George Corwin, a major figure in the trials who was known to have led many innocent women and men to perish. He was known as “the strangler” for this reason. To this day, visitors to his home report the feeling of being choked. We wonder, do insurance companies cover for the supernatural?

Lemp Mansion | St. Louis, Missouri

Beer is often associated with celebrations and happiness, but this isn’t always the case. Just take the Lemp Brewing Company and its owners, The Lemp Family. They were among the wealthiest in St. Louis—but that was before the prohibition began. Their misfortune came swiftly. Four family members decided to take their own lives. Three of whom reportedly died in this mansion.

Whilst the building has since been converted into a restaurant and inn, many consider it to be one of the most haunted places in the United States. A fairly lucrative investment since many people still pays the Lemp Mansion a visit.

“Haunting In Connecticut House” | Southington, Connecticut

Picture yourself living a real-life horror movie and encountering paranormal experiences almost daily. This is what the Snedeker family went through during the ‘80s and is also the basis for the famed horror film, Haunting in Connecticut. In the two years that the family lived in the house, which was also a former funeral home, they experienced everything from poltergeist activity to a man with long black hair “visiting” their son.

It’s crazy to imagine that a new family took over ownership, but aside from the relatively low mortgage (given its history) and the routine patrol drive-by the new owners say all is normal.